Walking the dog

Out of the door and over the road past Hoppit
Listening for cars coming too fast round the bend.
Turn right past Rook Tree Farm and down a quieter lane.
Come to the gate, new last year, with a big shiny padlock.
Room to get round it past the sloe bushes full of hard green fruits.
On to the track between Small Holding and Horse Ground.
Verges with spots of purple Meadow Cranesbill flowers and the yellow of Ladies Bedstraw.
Straight along to where the track broadens out.
Grass with buttercups and wheat on either side.
Up the slope towards Castle Hill Farm.
Look round
See the wind turbines in the far distance on the Oxford road.
Trace the tractor patterns across the field.
Follow the rhythm of the tree trunks in the copse.
Feel the minor stresses of life leaving me.
Think, plan, review, reflect,
Four dog’s worth of walks along here.
It is familiar yet always changing.
It is in my head. I can walk it any day, anywhere.


About Liz Harding

Liz Harding is an artist working with textiles particularly interested in aspects of stitch, composition and landscape
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1 Response to Walking the dog

  1. Hello Liz, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing your work at Prism. Very evocative pieces. Resonate enormously as I am also inspired by the countryside through which I walk with my dogs!

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