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About Liz Harding

Liz Harding is an artist working with textiles particularly interested in aspects of stitch, composition and landscape

From under the bed

The chance to exhibit in an exhibition called “Plein Air & Land Art” at The Workers Gallery, Ynyshir led me to revisit some of the work on organdie that I had made some time ago that had been shown outdoors … Continue reading

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Showing work at Chapel Arts gallery with the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen in Cheltenham until Christmas Eve v e

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Starting again

Such a long time since I have used my blog , a lot has happened, but now I feel ready to share some of my thoughts and images.

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Thinking about the use of stitch Stitch, whether by hand or machine is a vital element in my making process. It is not used as a decorative device but as an integral drawing and mark making tool to articulate form … Continue reading

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Stitching into paper is a different experience to working with the more pliable quality of cloth. It needs care but also physical pressure to pierce the paper, to pull the thread through. One is very aware of the process.

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stitch on paper

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Tuesday morning down the track, looking at the puddles more like a lake. Lines of stalks making patterns on the surface. Able to go to the studio where I set up a surface on which to work. Papers roughly stitched together were painted with gesso. Now to … Continue reading


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an observation

After overnight rain it is a very different sort of day today. The snow has gone; the sun is shining; the colours are changed and the greens are very bright. No longer muffled by snow there is the sound of the wind … Continue reading

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Despite the greyness and cold there is something I like about the austere almost monochromatic winter landscape after snow. The sky is grey and the fields a bleached brown where the snow has blown away. Hazy and greying in the distance the lines … Continue reading

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Walking the dog

Out of the door and over the road past Hoppit Listening for cars coming too fast round the bend. Turn right past Rook Tree Farm and down a quieter lane. Come to the gate, new last year, with a big … Continue reading

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